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He Alleges That He Is Better #1

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She is not a native of the island, and has migrated to the island when she heard that the

Economy of the island was better off. On getting to the island, the words that the people said

Of the island was true because it was not verily long that her business picked up, for she has

Not been the lazy type, and has been hardworking, her works has been rewarded in the new

Island that she has migrated to, this was not true of the island of her nativity. What could be

Said of the island of her nativity is that “lions are working, dogs are eating”. This is because

Some people would be laboring, but they will not be rewarded for their works, while those

Who are not working would be smiling home, smiling to banks, because they are leaning on

The shoulders of those who are working to make progress, while those who are really doing

The work are suffering. But such could not be stated of the new island she has migrated

To, everyone who is hardworking there, reaps the labor of his or her work. The only thing

That could debar anyone from making progress at the new island where she has migrated to

Is if the person is a lazy type, but in as much as the person is not a lazy type it is sure that

The person would soon hit it big in the new island. The island is totally different from what is

Obtainable from her island of nativity. She has been laboring for ten years in her island

Before migrating to the new island, and she cannot boast of one-dollar savings, but within

Three months of her migrating into the island, she could boast of saving $5:00 daily.

Although at the inception, things seem as if it will not fall into places for him, but by the end

Of the first month, she has been known and things have drastically changed for her. This

Amazes her, what she could not achieve for ten solid years in the island of her nativity, she

Has achieved in months of her getting to the new island. Truly she says, this island is the


Island of opportunities, and it is not for the lazy people, for she could also see lazy people

Who have been in the island for years but who could not point out to something tangible that

They have been able to achieve when in the island, then she remembers the words of the

Wisest King who has ever passed through the surface of the earth that says, a slothful

Man hideth his hand in his bosom, and will not so much as bring it to his mouth again.

Because there is nothing there, for at the time when he ought to go out to work he says,

The slothful man saith, there is a lion without, I shall be slain in the streets,” and

As the door turneth upon his hinges, so doth the slothful upon his bed,” when people

Are getting up to work, lazy people would not and that is why they have found it extremely

Difficult to make it in the island, unlike in her island of nativity where lazy people make

It with ease, where lazy people are being paraded as the workaholic people. Success like

Birds has wings with which she can fly so say people, and it was not long before the story of

Her success flies to the land of her nativity. Her parents send her junior one to where she

Lives to ascertain if what they are hearing about her is true of false. When her sibling gets to

Her she cannot but marvel at what she has seen and the progress her sister has made within

Three years of getting to the new island. She returned to her parents to tell them that what

They have heard of her sister is small compared with the progress she is making in the new

Island. Adding that, assuming she has not known her sister before, that she is really saved she

Would have said, she has joined the multitudes to do evil in the island, and have joined

Occultic people. But because she knows her from inception and had lived with her before her

Relocation, she can authoritatively say, God has visited her sister with his manifold blessings.

Her parents’ souls were lifted when they heard the report that her sibling has brought to

Them from her and have decided that they will pay her a visit soonest.

Note: Quotation

Proverbs 19:24; 22:13; 26:14

Exodus 23:2


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