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He Alleges That He Is Better #3

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Then after her daughter has left her, she has sent a message to her siblings at home to

Remind them of what she has been speaking to them about the issue of getting someone, a

Male partner, for her daughter that she has been talking to them about for long. And those

People have replied her that they have gotten someone for her, and they believed her

Daughter would like the person very well, for she is educated, a medical doctor, decent and

Well brought up. She was elated to hear this from them and had told them that what they

Need to do is initiating a friendship between them because her daughter is having another

Thought about marrying a man from her native land and she does not want that to happen.

Her siblings are happy with what she has said and had told the young man that he needs to

Familiarize himself with the lady on the social media. They become friends on the social

Media, and the young man on visiting the island for one of the international updates have

Taken his time to visit the lady. He likes her, and they had talked at length, as he also shared

The stories about the native land of her mum where he has hailed from with her, this

Elates her. From thence, they keep on communicating with each other. Though the beautiful

Young damsel really likes the guy, but her likeness for him has not transcended that phase, it

Has not changed to deeper feelings of love. She has been hoping maybe with time that

Would happen for that is what people used to say, that a person you do not like to be

Romantically involved with now, you may develop love feelings for later. She has been

Hoping that would happen one day, for the young man truly is caring. One day she was

Posted from her office to supervise a work at the extreme portion of the island and there she

Meets with a young man, handsome, muscularly built. He and the young man developed

Jennifer Hudson - If This Isn't Love (Official Music Video)

Friendship and post their meeting day, they continued their acquaintance. The lady from

The first day of their coming together has noticed something different about the young man

And there was something different about the feelings she has had for him, it is different from

The feelings she has been having for other male partners that she has been friends with,

Including the young medical doctor who has been showing cares and love to her. The

Friendship continues for about 12 months, and during this period, they have been very fond

Of each other such that hardly could a second pass without them talking to each other,

Through the social media. When the sturdy guy proposed to her, she could not resist it, unlike

Others who have been proposing to her that she has been resisting and asking them to give

Her time. That was how they started to date, albeit secretly. Her mother who has wanted

Her to be married to someone from her island, has arranged that the family of the young guy

Pay them a visit and when they were on their way she has called for her daughter to be

Present at home to give her a helping hand to welcome those people. When they come,

They brought along some things as if their son has been romantically involved with her. But

The young lady had corrected them and warned her mother against doing something that

Would cause confusion in the family. Those people have left, though they claimed to be

Embarrassed but that they said, to arrest the heart of the damsel, but she was undaunting in

What she has stated. When they left she told her mother, that she has gotten someone she is

Romantically involved with and when the time is ripe to bring him home she will do that.

Her mother was not happy with what she did, claiming that she has gone against her wishes

And has betrayed her trust in her.


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