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He Alleges That He Is Better #2

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Mrs Tope Ejide, Business woman, Ibadan, Nigeria.

Mrs Tope Ejide, Business woman, Ibadan, Nigeria.

When her parents reached where she was they were speechless, for according to what her

Sibling has stated, except one gets to her, one cannot know how she has been visited by God.

When they see her, they were elated. They stayed with her for three days, and on those three

Days what they kept on hammering to her ossicles is that she should get marry, because if

She does not get marry, soon males would be fleeing her, because her wealth would be

Intimidating them, and they will not want to propose to her. Wealth has a way of intimidating

People her parents have said to her, adding that, she is not growing young and except she

Creates time for a man in her heart now, she obviously would not think of getting marry

Again. she replied them that she will look into what they had discussed with her, for it is true

That she has no suitor at the moment, and that has happened because she has been

Subsumed in her business and has had little or no time for other activities. She has put her

Parents in business flight when they were returning to their base. After their departure she

Started carving time for other things and was given males who have been showing

Interest in her time and times, showing them signs as one of the proverbs of the island that

Says that “a sign would always precede mat laying”. The signs she has been showing to some

Male friends that have been coming along her path would eventually pay off as one of

Them really asks her out. The person who asks her out was also a business person like her, he

Is into importing and exporting things and she has been buying things from her. Their love

Grow like weeds and they get married. God blessed the union with six children and out of

The six children only one of them is female. Since the time of the birth of the girl child she

Has been saying that her girl child would be married to a person from her land of nativity,

Because she wants to preserve her culture. She has discussed with her parents and

Siblings what was in her heart that they should be looking for a responsible family from

Which she could marry a responsible son to her daughter. When the girl child is growing in

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Stature, wisdom, knowledge and understanding she often times call her aside to tell her

That she wants her to marry someone from her land of nativity because the males from her

Island are very good. At this tender age, the girl child knows nothing, and would nod her

Head to whatever her mum says, in agreement. As the girl advances, she started viewing

Things differently and was thinking what her mother says may not be practicable for her after

All. To this end she has to call her mother one day and ask from her, how she has gotten

Married to her father. She told her everything that transpires how she has met with her

Father, how they had fall in love among other love stories. Then she asks if her father has

Been hostile to her nor maltreat her at any time or another since they have been married and

She replied that her father is a special breed and has not for once abuse her let alone

Maltreat her. Then she replied her mum that if your parents have not chosen for you whom

To be married to, she does not want her to choose for her whom she will be married to. Her

Mother was shocked on hearing this assumption from her and thought that maybe her

Father has spoken to her, but she continued that she should not think that her father has

Spoken to her about marriage, that she is the only person who has been speaking to her about

Marriage since her childhood days, her father has not for once uttered a word along that

Line, all that her father would say is “may God give her a good spouse as he has given him

You”, my mother. Her mother who has had the intention of confronting her hubby maybe he

Is the one who has talked to her daughter about marriage becomes silent and had another thought.


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