Hawaii 5-RYHMES (Season 4)

Updated on February 1, 2018

Look, I am not going to lie to you and tell you it will be an easy transition because it's not okay? But, you're gonna be find. I mean, you should be excited. This is,like a new chapter in your life-its the beginning of an adventure

— Steven McGarret

Not Leaving

The notorious killer named Wo Fat.
Has been captured but reveals that.
He reveals that he's not staying.
Steve will help him in escaping.
His mom is there to see him.
Steve question why she wants to see him.
She gives him no explanation.
Wo fat advises that he be patient.
The headquarters is ambushed.
Terrorists come in there on foot.
Holding everyone inside.
Hoping to rescue the royal surprise.
But the prize is with Steve and Danny.
They knew that that the suspect's royalty.
They take the prize underground.
The leader knows they're around.
Steve and Danny surrender.
The terrorists also surrender.
They do it together.
But Steve knows it's not over.
He gets a sudden call.
From the leader of it all.
He tracks him down.
Stopping him as he tries to leaves town.

A fathers Love

Adam and his new Bride.
Is in for a painful surprise.
They're in the jungle being watched.
By some men that Adam thought.
He thought they were satisfied.
After taking his brothers and more lives.
Their location's compromised.
They're mad they left Adam alive.
Meanwhile, back in Honolulu.
A criminal walks right on through.
Through airport security.
Then kills the man that's driving.
Steve and Danny relax.
But it's not long before receiving that,
That there has been a Crime.
They have little to no free time.
They find out who's wanted.
It's a cop that really wanted.
Someone that knows the system.
They have to use wisdom.
Wisdom catches him.
But they find out from him.
That he did it for his daughter.
Proving that he's just a father.

Never hesitate

Nights in Hawaii is beautiful.
One of the best places for couples.
This couple seems to prove it.
Until they're ambushed by masked men.
Ambushed and killed.
While their baby is still.
Still alive and in tears.
Danny wipes the babies tears.
As the bodies are examined.
Danny and Steven listen.
Listen to the sister.
Informing them of a treasure.
The robbers got inside the home.
Because they had the security code.
They get deeper in the case.
Making sure to not make.
To not make mistakes.
They find the killers before its late.

The Fall Guy

A lady that was just married.
Is driving her car crying.
Shes later in an accident.
An estranged man stops and pushes.
Pushes her car off a cliff.
Before this event occurred.
She prepared to say the words.
The words I DO to her groom.
But shes later consumed.
Consumed with the fear of marriage.
Steve gets a call about it.
He and Dave leave the movies.
Just to investigate the wedding.
Finding a dead body.
Steve reveals what she was hiding.
She was hiding a murder.
They find who may be the killer.
First, they get someone talking.
Gathering the evidence.
They find that the bride.
Ran away to hide.
That her brother escaped from prison.
But he was killed at the wedding.
He wasn't behind it all.
He tried using her brother to take the fall.

Happier Life

It's a stormy night.
A man cheating on his wife.
His wife hired a team.
To get proof of his infidelity.
Not much is really needed.
A still picture will tell it.
But the team gets more.
More than they bargained for.
They witness a murder.
Steve gets his team together.
First checks on his girlfriend.
He tells her that her friend.
He died of a gunshot wound.
Steve leaves the hospital room.
Tracking down the killer.
Danny helps find the killer.
They find a heavy hitter.
Who covered up the murder.
Painting over blood on the wall.
But he's not taking the fall.
They find who's really in charge.
They find the guy that played a part.
A part of the killing. that rainy night.
Now Catherine can live a happier life.

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