Hawaii 5-RHYMES (Season 6)

Updated on February 8, 2018


One of the members is getting married.
The team attends the ceremony.
But slip and discuss a case.
But notice they're there to celebrate.
But the next day.
They are back to work right away.
At the scene of a murder.
They start piecing together.
They gather the evidence.
They find out what they're dealing with.
It may be a set of pirates.
That left behind more evidence.
So Steve and Danny go out.
Obtaining more clues about.
About the case, they are working.
They hear of a stolen painting.
They see some surveillance.
Seeing what really happened.
The painting is a map.
The pirates created a false trap.
Just to throw them off.
So they recover what was lost.
But the team retrieves it.
They find who's behind it.
Tracking down the bad guys.
Saving many lives.

Finish the Job

The police send a robot inside.
Of a financial building to find.
Find the suspicious suitcase.
That may be a bomb set to detonate.
To bomb the building.
The robot destroys it.
Mission accomplished so far.
But the bomb is under their car.
When they destroy that suitcase.
They did not know they did detonate.
The bomb device they searched for.
Was right at their front door.
The team is on the case.
They later find it's another case.
They find a flash drive.
With arsonist on it, that's alive.
He is calling their bluff.
Steve and Danny decide that it's enough.
They talk to the guy in prison.
He denies that he's the one that did it.
They gather the evidence.
After noticing what they're dealing with.
A poetic criminal.
That's inspired by another criminal.
That's inmate they seen before.
Steve and Danny look for more.
Wanting this guy off the streets.
They find a guy that maybe.
Maybe in control.
But he reveals he's not in control.
They find out who is.
A man that impressed.
With animates success.
Sucess in making bombs.
But Steve and his team finish the job.

John Doe

A gun’s found in the ocean.
The diver decides to put it.
Put it inside of his bag.
Not knowing that his bag.
His bag has ripped open.
Releasing the gun inside it.
The gun's trigger is pulled by a reef.
The shot ends up killing.
Killing the diver.
Steve and Danny dive into it.
Finding out what really happened.
They know where it happened.
But find a very similar case.
A case that was never solved.
That gun did it all.
They wanted to solve that murder.
Finding evidence to find the killer.
First finding the guy that owns the gun.
Was the exact same one.
One of the murders that are unsolved.
It's not long before they get it resolved.

Happily Ever After

A couple in the jungle.
Run into some trouble.
They 1st see unique flowers.
They experience a money shower.
As they examine it.
They become witnesses.
Seeing a bag full of money.
Along aside a dead body.
But the money is fake.
The team discusses it.
The body was a rich.
A rich man who disappeared.
No one has seen him for years.
They go to a home.
They enter the home.
They find there is a kidnapper.
That body was going to pay a ransom.
They track down the kidnapper.
Making the day HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

The Mob

A law firm’s invaded.
By a masked cyclist.
Who shot up the office and killed.
The very thought of it sends chills.
Sends chills around the building.
How’d he got there without them knowing?
Steve and the team get on the case.
Finding that someone helped him escape.
The cyclist was doing his job.
He had orders from the mob.
To kill that defender.
The only way to hide them was murder.
But they don’t roam long.
The team puts an end to the wrong.
Finding the one that did it.
Arresting the one that ordered it.

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