Hawaii 5-RHYMES (Season 5)

Updated on February 1, 2018

Maybe I should get two, one for everytime you say something stupid

— Steve McGarret

The Trigger

Things seem to change in Hawaii.
There's little activity on the Island.
Something must have happened.
It was something that ended tragically.
Many hours before.
A couple lies dead on the floor.
The couple died together.
They first find that its killer.
It's a killer roaming.
The team starts brainstorming.
Steve sees the killer.
Wanting to know who pulled the trigger.
It doesn't take long for He and Danny.
To begin investigating.
They obtain some evidence.
Then put together the pieces.
Steve may have been in the Navy.
But he never saw this in the military.
They go to a friend to reveal.
That that was a drone that killed.
They get closer.
To find the one with the trigger.
They realize what they're dealing with.
The drone's terrorizing beaches.
Killing many enjoying the sun.
They take pictures of each one.
Finding how the drone is working.
They consider on the hijacking.
Meanwhile, they contact the shooter.
He explains says the USA needs a reminder.
It is big news.
Everyone obeys the news.
They give the shooter bait.
Getting close before it's too late.
Disrupting the drones frequency.
They stop the drone from killing.
They then go to capture.
The one that pulled the trigger.

A Fathers Scorn

Steve is a little banged up.
But even that is not enough.
Not enough to make him stop crime.
He assures the team that he is fine.
But Danny's confronted.
By a man that says something.
Something was taken by Daves Brother.
Something that Dad will recover.
Meanwhile, a family.
Of a father in the military.
His daughter is abducted.
Sending her mother into a panic.
Steve and Danny go.
To the crime scene just to know.
Know what really occurred.
it's reason to be concerned.
Because the girl was targeted.
Her father knows about it.
He may be in danger too.
Someone knows the truth.
But keeping it tucked away.
They see surveillance of the day.
The day the girl disappeared.
They find out more about it.
That girl wasn't really the target.
The circumstances made it look like.
That the girl taken was the right.
They find what the kidnapper.
Was really seeking after.

The girls

A tour bus is hijacked.
By a few women, that's dressed.
Dressed in two-pieced Bikinis.
But leave after a killing.
Steve and his team.
Find out what is happening.
They find that the man that's dead.
Was who the women targetted.
He's a successful businessman.
These girls came with a plan.
After what is irreplaceable.
Steve and his team search for clues.
For clues to find the girls.
Someone's hiding the girls.
They find that his wife.
Has a record in her life.
She framed her husband.
She knew what the girls were doing.
She knew what they were after.
That explains why she was eager.
Eager to see his dead body.
They go to her house.
She immediately runs out.
They question one of the girls.
Locating all of the girls.


Steve goes to Danny's home.
Finding Danny sitting alone.
The sees that Danny uncovered.
Millions that his brother.
That his brother stored away.
Knowing it will be used one day.
But it's not enough.
Getting what's needed will be tough.
He needs 18.5 million.
To free his brother from the hostage.
Meanwhile, airport security.
Figures a guy is transporting.
Transporting weapons in the city.
But gets away during questioning.
After taking them all down.
The team wants to hunt him down.
They want him off the streets.
Because the weapon he's transporting.
They find that he's up to something.
There was a purpose behind it.
They find out his ID.
Seeing that he's from a crime family.
They track him but someone kills him.
Steve sees the guy and shoots him.
Despite being wounded.
He finds some paramedics.
He hijacks the ambulance.
He passes out due to his wounds.
The team gets some good news.
There are people hiding.
They may soon be dying.
If they are saved.
The team makes sure they're saved.
Saving them all.
Apprehending who's behind it all.
Danny finds that his brother is dead.
His killer's also shot dead.

The Fathers Daughter

Steve goes to his fathers grave.
Thanking him for the ways he paved.
He sees a woman at the grave.
Then questions her until they.
They go out for some coffee.
She explains why she came to see.
Why she came to see his grave.
She reveals what his dad made.
He made the woman happy.
Happy just by staying.
Staying in her life.
After someone took her fathers life.
Steve looks a little deeper.
He finds that his father.
Was a man that kept her free.
He was killed because he was closing.
Closing in on the killer.
The only way out was murder.
Steve finds that it wasn't a robbery.
Her dad, they were watching.
It was premeditated.
McGarrett knew about it.
Steve took what he knew.
He revealed to that woman the truth.

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