Hawaii 5-RHYMES (Season 3)

Updated on January 31, 2018

Can I ask you a Question? Why are you always driving my car? No. Rainman likes to drive. You have control Issues.

— Danny Williams

Still Free

That high profile killer.
Is now put away in prison.
But while being transported.
He ends up escaping.
Danny breaks the news.
To Steve and the crew.
That he has escaped.
Escaped with a familiar face.
Steve gets on the case.
But he cannot ignore the mistake.
The mistake of not killing that face.
Meanwhile, the killers make a deal.
To find the person that killed.
Killed a well-known father.
They make plans to capture.
But Steves team plans too.
Looking for anything that will lead them to.
Lead them to the killers.
They find bodies of those murdered.
Then go to the HPD.
Aware of what's happening.
They gain access to drugs.
But it's not too long before they give them up.
They kill one but seek.
Two. One's roaming free.

Happy Mother

Steve finds that his mother helped.
The killer didn't do it himself.
He got free because she let him go.
Crime in the city continues to grow.
An armed robbery occurs.
Making many concerned.
It's a chase in Honolulu.
The police call the crew.
To aid them in negotiating.
A criminal holding.
Holding a store hostage.
But he's severely wounded.
He ends up dropping dead.
He wasn't even filled with led.
The crew looked more into it.
They find a burnt car.
They see that the car.
Was really used for racing.
They wanted to find who was driving.
They later get evidence.
They find who was driving.
They go to the drivers' residence.
Finding that they've abducted.
Abducted the drivers' daughter.
After already killing her father.
The killer commits suicide.
But they find the girl alive.

The Sea Killer

Steve finds out that his mom.
Took a plane but never left off.
She never left off the Island.
He then goes to thinking.
But still moves on with his life.
He's with Steve on the ocean.
On a boat that is taken.
They're stranded at sea.
They have to think quickly.
Steve uses his navy skills.
But a shark threatens to kill.
They later find a yacht.
They also find that it has been hijacked.
They find their own boat.
With a body on the boat.
Meanwhile, the rest on shore.
Are in the search for.
Steve and Danny to be rescued.
They get a little bad news.
The coast guard rescues them.
But he mistakes them.
As criminals on the sea.
They find the real one on the sea.

The Invisible Killer

When a family member wants you.
They do all that they need to do.
Especially when you harmed them.
They forgive but they don't forget.
Going to the extreme.
Hoping that you see.
See and feel their pain.
They will find a way.
Meanwhile, a couple.
Sees and hears that trouble.
Trouble is coming fast.
Before they seen it, it came to past.
The boyfriend is murdered.
By an invisible wire.
McGarrett and David.
Go to where it happened.
It's already known to be murder.
They receive clues of the murder.
They track down the killer.
The one that set up the wire.

Off the Streets

It the night of Halloween.
But the kids aren't trick or treating.
The rain ended the possibility.
But an officer sees.
An accident on the scene.
He gets out and gets closer.
He sees that it may be murder.
After seeing nobodies.
He assumed that the killing.
Took place someplace else.
It's confirmed that it's somewhere else.
Steve and his team.
Arrive at the murder scene.
Finding body soon after.
On the streets is a killer.
They obtain the clues to find him.
They find he's a satanist.
By the signature on her chest.
It's not long before he's caught.
This opportunity will not be lost.

The Secret
Field Trip
Evil Woman
Death Wish
In a time Past, Death Sentence, The game, Dolls, Close Friend, The Promise, Seek within One's Soul, To Take Captive, Family Business, Farewell and Take Care

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