Hawaii 5-Rhymes (Season 2)

Updated on January 31, 2018

Book em Dano

— Steve McGarret

Still Roaming

The wrinkles are ironed out.
The team's all figured out.
But are faced with a dilemma.
That forces the team to break up.
A very known criminal.
Happens to be very powerful.
He killed the governor.
Who told Steve to put together.
Put together the team.
But the leader of the team.
Has been put in jail.
But her killer will not prevail.
Meanwhile, help comes along.
They'd reveal that they have the wrong.
They have the wrong one in jail.
So Steve escapes from Jail.
The rest of the team members.
Refuse to go after.
To go after Steve.
But go to meet Steve.
Steve is wounded.
But it doesn't stop his mission.
He meets with his team.
He and Danny go to see.
An old friend of Steves father.
To get the evidence to capture.
The evidence leads to a camera.
That recorded the actual murder.
Setting Steve McGarrett free.
But the killer's also running free.


The killers still roaming free.
So is the crime in the city.
A girl wins paddleboarding.
But she misses the ceremony.
The ceremony to be awarded.
Her mom sees her abducted.
Meanwhile, at the headquarters.
The team gets a new member.
They find out about the abduction.
Finding clues revealing what happened.
They get to know the new member.
They see she's a beautiful member.
They find the car that abducted.
They obtain vital information.
The new team member.
Finds that Steve doesn't trust her.
She's a little upset.
Steve finds a way to fix it.
Later, they are tipped off.
Finding where the girl was dropped off.
They invade the compound.
Taking the abductors down.

They get their man

Just another day in Hawaii.
A couple spends time enjoying.
Enjoying time in the waters.
But they soon encounter.
A dead body.
Another Crime in Hawaii.
Steve finds out about it.
He gets his team on it.
The body the couple found.
Was really shot down.
It was no suicide.
His killer's loose and they'd find.
They break little rules.
Just to get vital clues.
The team investigates.
They decide to take.
Take a trip to the jungle.
Finding where the trouble.
Where it all began.
Where his life came to an end.
While Danny questions.
He questions his wife.
About her husband's life.
While Steve gathers pieces.
They come to a conclusion.
The killer knows he's in trouble.
They go outside the jungle.
Just to get their man.
Making his wife happy again.

Wasn't treasure

It's always good to go out.
In Hawaii, while the sun is out.
But one day a kid.
Finds pleasure in wearing.
Wearing a fin, looking like a shark.
Making the beach thinks he's a shark.
But later reveals he's playing.
But he sees a hand floating.
The hand is taken to be examined.
Steve and Danny determine.
That it wasn't a shark that did it.
It was the work of another human.
It's confirmed when they find coins.
Someone killed him for those coins.
The coins represent treasure.
That will lead to the real killer.
They find that the body.
Was a male diver hunting.
Hunting and finding the treasure.
Turns out, it wasn't treasured.
The diver was killed.
Because he was going to reveal.
That there is no treasure.
They apprehend the real killer.


It's another sports event.
It is always something.
Always something going on.
But the coach knows somethings wrong.
He goes to investigate it.
But regrets doing it.
The first time it's his team.
The second time, It's not his team.
They bring in Steve.
To profile the murder scene.
He and Danny go to the residence.
To find more evidence.
Seeing pictures of his players.
They assume who may be the killer.
It may be a mad father.
Thinking he molested his daughter.
Meanwhile, the two witnesses.
A killing at his residence.
They later find an ex-cop.
Who is seeking revenge?
He gets it in the end.

Gon Forever
The Fix
The Good Fight, Sacred Bones, The Package, Out Of the Past, The Reckoning, Abandoned, Touch of Death, Caught, Death in the Family

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