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Having a Discussion With My Inner Child Through My Poetry

Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  

No Reason Just Rhyme

Today, I felt like posting a poem I wrote that really had no purpose. It came to me on what I always call one of my reflection days. Usually, these days have an aura of sadness, but I always believe that there is beauty in all struggle. So, as I sat and thought about my past, I thought mostly about my lonely childhood, which, of course, did make me a little gloomy. Therefore, I decided to start typing out some poetry and realized that I was having a conversation with my inner child. After all, who we were as children, I believe, never really leaves us. They stick with us to remind us of good times, sad times, and innocent times. On this day, mine wanted to remind me of a few depressing things about myself, but after all was written out, I was pretty darn fine with that.


The Secret of my Inner Child

I don’t think I want me here anymore.

I don’t think I want to carry this guilt that

hides in my soul.

There is a child I raised with pride and joy,

who spoke words to me today - they stopped

my heart.

Words I’ve heard a time or two, but never

thought she would aim and shoot.

The child I will forever love with all my life,

released today my last will at my strive.

A child who helped me survive through the pains,

of the hopeless abandonments, the loneliness of


She has locked that hope chest I kept tucked away,

and I now feel my failures are here to stay.

I fought for an easier existence throughout

some hard years. I lived through my resistance

of my motherly fears.

However, In an instant, I’ve become finality now;

living death in my story, I’m hidden in shroud.

Today, I woke up and dreams they came.

They came in an ugly realism frame...

memories of my failures at love and life.

Failures that I’m sorry, but I am now too

exhausted to fight.


© 2018 Missy Smith