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Having Fun Writing My Silly Rhyme: Well, Yes, a Silly Rhyme

Val enjoys writing his own style of what resembles poetry, just hoping to catch someone's heart on the same page.


I am writing this silly rhyme

as I got nothing better to do

for it's better to kill the time

than wait for time to kill you.

I'll spare you of my playing smart

so don't expect it for Pete's sake

because even this yappy old fart

from time to time needs a break.

I'm itchy for a simplicity, not to preach

so I scratch my forehead for inspiration

because my butt is much too far to reach

with not a chance of a difference in creation.

Thank you for asking, we are having a rain

and that's the biggest current cosmic event

but not to worry it hasn't affected my brain

it's only how I choose a few minutes spent.

Well, I will pretend that I can't hear

how "the less I talk the better I sound"

so, to sound best ever, let me disappear

while I am finishing this silly rhyming round.

(Observe my bowing, and thank you for standing ovation)

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