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Have We Already Vanished?

Kenneth Avery is a Southern humorist with well over a thousand fans. The charm and wit in his writing span a nearly a decade.

You're a stone-faced lover . ..

You're a stone-faced lover . ..

What happened, love? Didn't we talk before this trip?
Oh, just your questions. Sounds like doubts, I'm afraid.
You're a stone-faced lover, oh yes. And I need this grip?
No! I'm no mannequin, love, in your pyre parade.
We can't be vanquished, just vanished.

I hate this sorry town, and your gestures as well
Ringing your tone, sure, I love being alone for sure.
You're a two-faced angel, a cold-hearted tale.
Can't hold you and drive, and your glaring to endure.
We might be vanquished, just vanished.

Wish I had a pet, any pet, a dusty, rusty hound dog would do
Traveling years, cracks show in our love, my dear or dears.
You're a low and measured, sure thing, hit the first pew.
I can't see the road, just dust of memories, I hate to endure.
We will be vanquished, and vanished for sure.

One more town, one more hotel with a fake name
Bloodshed on your dress, tears, I guess now.
No kisses of passion stolen, not even a lover's game.
I have to drive, you bet I will, I'm tired and ready to bow.
We can't be vanquished, just longing to be vanished.

You are an evil, evil woman of 10 plus years
Time was, your red lips made me envy life.
No fun, no laughter, most of all, just tears.
Now, dear love, we drive on, and on, sweet wife.
Are we vanquished? Oh. Have we already vanished?

Writer's Summary

Make this one trip with me if you might. See what you can see
when there is no night. Thank you. (Kenneth.)

I hate this town . . .

I hate this town . . .

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© 2021 Kenneth Avery

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