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Have Strength--A Poem for a Premature Baby

Brittany is a self-published poet, blogger, freelance writer, and book reviewer who lives in South Carolina.


Have Strength

Below, you will find a poem about having strength.

Have strength, baby

Don't give in

Your beautiful life has yet to begin

Have strength, baby

This may feel surreal

But having you with us is an extremely big deal

Have strength, baby

We're rooting for you

Hold on tight to meet your siblings of two

Have strength, baby

You may be small

But one day you'll learn how to sit up and crawl

Have strength, baby

Hear your mom's voice

Get through this hardship so we can rejoice

Have strength, baby

Your family needs you

Your life is too special to not push through

Have strength, baby

Blessed are your days

You'll always be our little sun ray

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