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Have Mercy on Me, Oh Lord!

A Poetic Writeback on Psalm 51

Here and now, I come into a safest haven of love.
A place to dwell and to receive God's mercy from above.
I am a sinner who keeps following God's unparallel compassion,
I pray to Him and confess all the sins I made, He then listens with devotion.

God, please unleash my heart to the sentence of imprisonment.
Let bygones be bygones and take away their inferiorities and predicament.
Let me hear the sound of happiness,
Let my heart feel the conviction of righteousness,
Take away all my sins, take out all my impurities,
God, lead to me the pathway toward the place of your sanctity and supremacy.

God, teach me not to defy your devine laws.
Guide me in the pilgrim of seeking your mercy without any defection of flaws.
Heal the world with your everlasting love and sympathy,
Let your people not be deceived into reality.

God, no more words to describe your perfection,
You gave me life and you always grant me complete supervision.
I humbly come before you, kneeling down with a grateful heart.
Praying to you, with nothing that sets me apart.
You renewed my heart and replenished my soul with your greater consistency,
You go alongside me, forgave all my sins mercifully.


© 2022 Sheen Lor Bermudez

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