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Have I Done This Before?

Why Is This Happening In My Life?

I try to look at this current situation

In a new light

Using the old solution

Brings me the old result

Changing it up

Brings me no alternative

But to find a different answer

I keep searching deeper

Finding a new journey

Now looking at what I have

Wanting to go back to my old ways

Still not convinced

I beg to return

Slowly my thoughts will generate

All I have to do is wait

Be Patient

Keep writing and put all judgements aside

Here is an example

The word judgement comes up as an error in spell check

Even though it is a word


I am confused

The meaning is The ability to make consider decisions or come to a sensible conclusions

What do you think ?

As I put that thought aside

I pull out an outdated yogurt

The date is January 26th

On line it says a yogurt is good seven days after the expiration date

I bought seven yogurts and I haven't felt in the mood to eat them

Now it looks as if I have to throw them out

It is like throwing money out the window

So I pull one out and eat it

These are some of the issues I deal with

I am trying to save time and money

Learning something new is not always easy

You have to admit when you are wrong

Deny your current feelings

Sometimes my mind wants to be lazy

Here is another time

I have a portable charger that charges my phone

I plug it in to the computer to recharge

Then I use it to charge my phone

In the past it has worked great

It blinks when it has to be recharged

If the light is solid it is ready to go

The light shuts off when the charger is totally dead

The charger was plugged in for days

My phone was plugged in to the charger

My phone should be charged when I check on it a few hours later

It is on 60 percent

When I first plugged it in it was at 56 percent

What has just happened ?

Is my phone the problem ?

Is the charger not working ?

So I plug the charger back into the computer to charge again

These and other questions I tackle on a daily basis

The results may come into light

One day when I am not looking

To my surprise

No matter what I try

So far I get the same result

I am not sure how to change the situation ?

I put my thoughts down on paper

Then move on

Finishing up what I started here today

Waiting to find a better answer another day

Putting the why's on hold ?

I will keep looking back from time to time

To see if my mind thinks of something different

How many thoughts do you struggle with ?

That just don't make sense at the time

You have to make a choice

Complain or just move on

When I real breakthrough is just around the corner

Will you do what I do

Or just say boo hoo

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