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Have Fun on Purpose

"Have fun on purpose" was a tip I was given to improve mental health. This world can be a tough place, remember your inner child and fun.


Have Fun on Purpose

This battered old world keeps turning

We look on aghast, our eyes burning

As politics, rage and terror march on

We wonder where reason has gone

Inner light dims, is humanity undone?

Quell sobs, mend, pray. Seek the sun

For health and survival find a foil for woes

Open an imaginary door, dispel the blows


Your inner child has an urgent appeal

Recall pure delight. Be ready again to feel

Do fun things on purpose. Top of the to-do list

Sing, dance, whoop and wahay. You get the gist

Opposite emotions can't sit in one heartbeat

That's what science says and I here repeat

Not happy and sad, full and empty, fool and sage

Absorbed and bored, at peace, preaching rage


Bad news is bellowed from the rooftops

Good news is held captive, words stopped

Some say positive is unrealistic, untrue

No, it's faith, integrity, strength that renews

Cast off the binds of the night mind

Gaze at guardian stars, the light so kind

Guard, clothe yourself against the chill

Overcome negative shocks with an iron will

Don't succumb to the darkness' suffocating call

Be too busy having fun on purpose, live in joys thrall.

Dance like nobody is watching!

Dance like nobody is watching!

© 2022 Joanne Hayle

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