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Silent Treatment from him

Millicent is a writer and a teacher by profession . Her hobbies include, writing, reading, dancing and likes nature walk.


The Silent Act.

He sits in silence,

Just because he is wronged.

Minutes pass to hours,

He doesn't respond to her request.

"Take your food my love

It's getting cold"

Slowly he turns and shows her his back.

"Go and make my bed,

I want to sleep woman"

Her heart turns cold,

Like the cold ice,she feels the pain

Of rejection from her one true love.

Where did I go wrong?

Is it my mood swings?

Is he tired of me?

Am I a burden to him?

All these juggle in her mind,

As she tries to eat her cold food.

At first it is easy to eat,

Suddenly it can't go down her throat,

For the pain of rejection, is worse than a stab in the chest.

In distance, she stares slowly,

Waiting for her love to talk to her.

He gets up from his seat

Drugs himself to the bed.

Without a stare in her eyes,

He clicks and sleeps facing the wall.

Forgetting to thank the almighty,

for the good and bad days.


© 2020 Millicent Okello

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