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Harvest Moon Silhouette


Moon in the sky, maker of reflections,

Staunchly remains in bold silhouettes.

Harvest of all creations, is enhancing

Inspirer of imaginations, dreams it lets.

Golden benefactor, all moods refractor,

Of emblazoned lines, is a romanticizer.

The sentinel hangs delicately in the night,

A novel character, gifted poets tantalizer.

Placed by the hand of God, as our friend,

The circling orb, a regular sight, we adore,

Always a Companion, this planet's course,

Of its most radiant rays, moonbeams pore.

Its brilliance of form a beacon in the night,

Forever shining, a lantern to show the way.

Its shapes so thinly sliced, to half, then full,

Every evening we see of its grand display.


Maker of our fantasy, arranger of vibrancy,

Every best artist's paintings to be fancying,

This moodmaker, is a noted heartbreaker,

And by its own fullness, lovers are dancing.

Provider of a calendar, a trusted date maker,

Reliable through all time and of all the ages,

Subject of many writings, of every fine culture,

Are sightings, identified on all of life's pages.

Brother moon is our earth's own companion,

Through all the centuries, it so nightly does fly,

Dependable traveler is nighttime's unraveller,

So spectacular is no likeness, forever our Allie.

No comparison, by its sheen, always in fashion,

The marvelous and genuine diamond in the sky.

A subject of poetry, of the most lyrical, its beauty,

Of all's best senses, its effect does so well imply.


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