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Harry, Please Go to Sleep - a Children's Rhyme

Sometimes I take off my history hat and play with my imagination. Meet Harry and Brainy in this children's rhyme.



Brainy the pink brain cell lived inside Harry’s head

He was so cosy, tucked up in his little pink bed

But as Brainy yawned and closed his eyes

Harry wanted to be awake. That was a surprise

It had been such a busy and fun day

With lots of laughter, running around and play

That Brainy thought Harry would be full of weary yawns

And that he’d sleep through until well past dawn

Harry, you are feeling sleepy!

Harry, you are feeling sleepy!

But Harry’s eyes were wide open, he wriggled and he giggled

Brainy said gently. “Sleep time now.” Harry just wiggled.

“Little boys and girls need to sleep tight.”

Brainy yawned. “Otherwise they don’t feel alright.”

“Not having sleep makes you grumpy and worn out

It makes you frown and grizzle and pout

You’ll get too tired to have fun and play

So please Harry, go to sleep now, without delay.”


Brainy sang Harry a lovely lullaby in his head

He yawned a lot. “You are tired really.” He said.

Harry stopped wriggling. He closed his eyes

“So sleepy.” To a happy day he said "night night."

© 2022 Joanne Hayle

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