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Harnessing Punk Rocker Power

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Today transformed into a cold and clinical evaluation

Left behind the stressed thoughts and ideas

Deciding not to sweat the insignificant subject matters

Since they're just ants climbing up a larger anthill

Lost in the shuffle of an obscenely large ant colony

Forced to move six feet apart and never touch their neighbors

Distanced from time, space and everything in between

Moving beyond past feelings of anger and sadness

No point to cry over dried up spilled milk anymore

A disgusting mess to clean up once dust settled

Don't care about semi-forgotten yesterdays gone by

Doesn't matter what came before; now is all we have

Putting one spiked black combat boot in front of the other

Emotions calcified over into an impossibly hard shell

Nothing gets in or out of this harsh exterior

Need that extra layer of protection to outside of Thunderdome

Something Max Rockatansky developed over decades

Safer to not care about the outside world in a danger zone

Mask wearing covered up the constant sneer underneath

Disgruntled and discouraged by the daily news events

World on fire metaphorically and literally

Hard to fathom if there are any genuine people left

Who do what they say and mean those carefully planned words

Integrity sacrificed for money, fame and supposed success

Welcome to the new culture that exposed all sins

Laying the blame squarely on those who deserved it

Sadly, wheels of justice stuck together after little activity

Loopholes caused bad guys to slide away

Consequences alluded those with enough power

While others constantly got hammered by it

Ready to develop the ultimate rock star stance

A rebel yell of sorts minus the 1980s style

Act tough and believing what is right

Not giving up when going got too tough to handle

Time to stand my ground and enjoy it for the moment

All that can be done at the current moment.

Walking on the road ahead.

Walking on the road ahead.

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