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Harmonics of the Heart

Spent time as a whirling Sufi at a Unitarian Universalist church once.


One Hand Held to Heaven, The Other to The Earth

Cultivate the heart
To become the golden garden
Sing with the rhythm of the beat
Dance with the silence of the breath
Water the emerald plantation
And cultivate the wings' wings
Fly away from distractions
Fear and love have been with us
The insanity of the ages
Deception of such devices as these
Began the toxic dance of humans
Find the way back
To the harmonics of the heart
That, when sounded display
The geometry of the burning heart
To set the wings ablaze
The fire of one love
The waters depart back stunned
Not Moses ! No my Lord
Take off to fly the wingless flight
That shame the prophets
And shock the Gods

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