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Harmonic Dissonance


When someone you love leaves this earth, people will come to you with mouths full of words meant to fill you.

You will not be hungry, but you will consume the emptiness of their voices, while starving for the attention of someone who can no longer give it to you.

Grief is a five letter villain that speaks in a language no one can understand.

She knocks on my door as much as she wants, just to remind me that time will always hold it’s power above my head.

She will send me hope in the form of people who swear it gets better, leaving me wondering how many times I will hear it before I start to believe it.

I have lost more souls to whatever lies beyond than I can count on both of my hands.

I choose to live every single day for those who can’t anymore.

Fate has thrown more forks in the road than meals I have eaten.

I choose to get out of bed to remind her that she will not beat me.

My mind tries to float above the clouds when faced with a challenge.

I choose to lasso it down, and command a fight for harmony within all of the dissonance.

I do this for myself, just as much as I do it for you.

I have yet to figure out what’s more mysterious.

How little gratitude I used to give you for raising my lips into a smile, or how much gratitude I give to you now.

Tonight I saw the sky filled with stars and said, “good job”.

As if you blew the clouds away with your own breath.

You did not hold the answer to all my questions about the universe, but you did hold my hand.

I constantly crave for the day when you do it again.

But right now, I am thankful when my candle doesn’t blow out on the first try.

You still find a way to remind me that light doesn’t give up that easily.

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