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Hard Wired For Kindness


I Have Proof

It must be true

Every day I look around and see the world

Through a very special lens

I want to help

I think of all the possibilities

I ask myself the same question

Over and over

Silently in my head

What can I do ?

Ideas come to me

They start out slow

Like little bursts of energy

Impulses and urges

What would make that person happy?

If it is an elderly person

A child with their parents

I see a situation

Then I wonder how to make that moment even better

Inspiration strikes

Thoughts pop in and out of my head instantly

I find nothing more important

Than making a smile

Looking for a laugh

Helping by some kind act

Years ago my mother and father did the same thing

I have seen my mother give a dollar to a child helping their mother

While she was food shopping

She would say...

This is for being a good girl

Put it in the bank

Save if up for something special

Maybe buy an ice cream

Both the child and the parent would light up

Beeming with pride

My father would give someone a break

He would do something very few would do

Help pay for their food

If someone was down on their luck

Give them a break they deserved

They never forgot where they came from

They know how hard it is to earn money

Raising four boys wasn't always easy

What a nice gesture

My mom noticed someone doing the right thing

Then she acted

I have heard quite often

We end up like our parents

Feeling good inside and out

I love how quickly happiness can spread

Hooked on a feeling

Helping someone special

A person that I didn't know before today

Has changed me in some small way

Making life a little more beautiful

Much more fulfilling

Than the sweetiest jelly donut

Over filled and dripping

The one you lick your fingers

When know one is looking

Making sure you don't miss one drop

Randomly giving

The smallest and simliest gesture

Like a secret Santa

But only better

You don't have to wait to Christmas

It is any place or anytime

Someone else can be appreciated

There are so many levels

Like a gamer

Instead of spending hours upon hours

Waiting and working hard to move up and advance

This is real life

The exact moment may never come again

It is now or never

There are so many ways

Holding the door

Giving someone your parking spot

Even though you were their first

Staying later at the end of a party

When everyone is leaving

You stay and help clean up

Many times this is done quietly

I don't know if this is a rational or irrational decision

Nobody else will notice

You know you did the right thing

You can feel the real sensation

A beautiful tingling inside your heart

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