I Too Wanted You to Stay

Updated on January 19, 2018

I still remember everything we used to have
The way we cared about each other,
And all laughs and those lengthy paragraphs
I still remember everything I felt
And I just can't tell you the excitement of your texts

I had college tomorrow but we used to talk all night
Lost in our fantasies of walking down streets,
eating ice creams while stars shine bright
World apart but telling each other it will be alright
And making promises that we would never fight
Damn, everything in those moments felt right

And don't you dare tell me that you don't remember
When I asked "What's one thing you wish for right now?"
Your answer was "Travel across the World just to see you!"
In my heart, I was like "Damn girl, Wow!"

When I look back now, things have changed
And when I listen to that strange song you sang for me,
I even smile till this day
And I just want to let you know girl
I too wanted you to stay!

Looks like that wasn't our fate
We didn't held the promises we made
But I ain't the type of person,
who sobs over past mistakes

Sometimes holding on cause more pain than letting go
Was holding on you for too long, now it's time to let go

© 2018 Osama Khalid


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