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Happy Thinker

So much creates despair. Easy to flutter. Easy to lose sight. Yet, look inside. Your heart is your wealth. What do you feel? Joy? Happiness? Why not think it. Why not ask yourself, To be happy? Think about joy. Butterflies flying. Birds deep in song. Joyous glee abounds. Why let others share? The despair within themselves. Willingness to be unhappy. Choose the joy you have. Be born again, within your heart. Think the thoughts of happiness. Think of love and joy. The only "things" that matter. Wealth is measure not in numbers. Or zeroes. Your bank account, Will never buy you joy. Only your choice. Your freedom to say, I want to be happy. Live the life of joy you want. Create the life you want. Find the happiness within. You have permission. I give it to you. Go and be the love you desire.

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