Happy Rhymes

Updated on October 25, 2017

Happy Gilmore

HAPPY GILMORE is an aspiring hockey player.
Who possess a slapshot taught by his father.
His father groomed him before he was struck.
& killed by a wayward hockey puck.
Happy had an over-aggressive streak.
But could not get a job because of his feet.
Despite it all, he still was obsessed.
His girlfriend left him because of it.
Meanwhile, his grandmother who raised him.
Raised after his father left him.
She has not paid taxes on her home.
So she is forced to move out of her home.
Her home is about to be repossessed.
She owes too much money to the IRS.
Happy only has 90 days to come up with the money.
Unless they will be auctioning.
Auctioning the house.
If the money's there before he could be bought out.
Grandma is forced to live in a home.
With other women that want to go home.
All because of a sleazy manager.
Putting every woman in danger.
Her furniture is being repossessed.
But it does not come with a challenge.
A challenge for happy to hit golf balls.
Happy accepted and whacked the ball.
Whacked the ball 400 yards.
He did it three times. It wasn't even hard.
He was forced to enter a local tournament.
Intending to win the money for the taxes.
Happy wins, thanks to the great Chubbs,
Golf was becoming a sport that Happy loved.
He joined the tour with SHOOTER McGAVIN.
Who sees Happy as someone that could threaten.
Threaten his career as a golfer.
If Happy happens to get better.
His drive was very powerful.
but his putting was terrible.
He had a violent outburst.
His golf etiquette needed work.
Commissioner Thompson was sure.
That he wanted him off the tour.
VIRGINIA VENIT helped him reconsider.
Because the ratings were up way higher.
She agreed to work with Happy.
She made happy be happier.
Happy got endorsements thanks to Venit.
But couldn't outbid McGavin at the auction.
McGavin overs him the home if he gets off the tour.
But Happy choose to stay and endure.
Happy wins the money. Happy wins the gold jacket.
Shooter attempts to steal the jacket.
But he is chased by a few of Happy's bystanders.
Caught and beaten without down under.

Adam Sandler
Happy Gilmore
Chris McDonald
Shooter McGavin
Julia Bowen
Virginia Venit


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