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Happy Giving of Thanks Day


Every day is a day to be thankful,

Even when it is not the traditional Thanksgiving Day,

When it can be forgotten to be thankful for every breath,

How does one sincerely speak thanks without memory?

Concerning things done or undone, forgotten and remembered,

The forgotten navigates a mindfulness, or mindlessness,

Memory choices are individualized,

No one can instruct me on being thankful, and. or

Make it a reality for me, Only I can choose to be thankful,

In order for me to utter it, It must be the desire, and will of the heart,

Surely someone ignites it for you, The Creator does it for me,

When I think about all that is created and in use,

This alone makes me joyful, and places me at peace,

I am thankful for being a part of the whole,

Only my own part can I apply on the screen of life,

You can only play your role, Roles really aren’t interchangeable,

As the movies or theater suggest, Virtual is almost, reality is real,

Breathe which has been inhaled has been taken,

Or will be taken, or the plan is to take, waiting to exhale,

Give thanks through the inner mind first,

Let thanks reach the consciousness towards utterance,

Allow mindful ascent, but sync the parts needed,

Breath is a gift worthy to the giving of thanks,

It is not really used until thanks to the Creator is given.

It is as if I never breathed, as if,

Loving the Creator was easier than breathing,

It is with breath that thanks can be given, or offered,

This day of the year represents a time to pause to think, and feel,

Of loss, and gain, both great, and small,

Some families shrink, while others grow,

Memories won’t diminish without consent,

Another day of year ghosting the giving of thanks,

For some the haunting for thanks,

A whole year went by, did I give thanks as I ought?

Creator, I repent to correct my stance,

I always mean to be thankful,

Could I have left something or someone out?

Thanksgiving Day does, and can resurrect a thankful heart,

Towards any, and even every second of the day of thanks,

Thanks can spring forth,

Where there is breath, there is hope,

Just like a fountain, or like flowing rivers of thanks,

The pause to think is merely a reminder to be thankful,

For what you have, and for what you don’t have,

Time is the interpreter of this matter,

Why, is not a valid question really,

The desired thing is locked up by,

Something and someone other than you,

Time is of the essence,

But, it is a reminder to be thankful for family, law, and friends,

Be thankful for food, shelter, clothing, health, and wealth,

Thankful to have been awakened with soundness of mind,

For strength, and every provision that is your own,

Along with them, another day, just to be thankful,

All that to say, thank you, to all of you, for just being who you are,

Just don't attempt to be anyone else,

Then I won't be able to give thanks to the Creator because of you.

Happy Giving of Thanks Day!

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