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Happy Easter Poems For Children


Dear Mom,

1st Child: Dear mom,

This year,
I want a big Easter basket,
filled with fun things to do,

like games, books and puzzles
and lots of goodies too.

2nd Child: Please include some toys
that are top of the line.

I plan to share
some of my windfall

with a few unfortunate kids
for the very firt time.

3rd Child: Some kids don't have

as much as i do,

so i plan to make

from my basket
not one but two.

4th Child: If you can triple my basket's size
and I don't make them too big,

I'll try to make four or five.
for a few more kids

(All Children say in Unison:) Thanks mom.

Debbie T. Alsup

This poem can be read by 1 - 4 children. One child can read two stanzas or even the whole poem. Whatever works for you or your group of children

The Easter Egg Challenge

The challenge is to juggle,
three or four Easter eggs.

Juggle them way up high.
Juggle them,
in between your legs.

Juggle them.
Juggle them.
Do it with a flair.

Take them even higher,
way up in the air.

Juggle your Easter eggs
behind your back.

Now slow down
and spin a few.

Make sure your standing
on a carpet,
'cause crack,
you will surely do.

Debbie T. Alsup

What Am I

I get boiled.
I get painted.
I get fried.

I get cooked over easy,
with bacon on the side.

I get mashed.
I get diced.

I'm the main ingredient
in a Chinese soup
sometimes served with rice.

What am I ?

(The answer to the question, what am I, is: A person)

Debbie T. Alsup

The Largest Easter Egg Tree

In the GuInness book of world records,

we saw the worlds largest

Easter egg tree.

Oh my gosh.
Oh my goodness..
It is a wondrous sight to see.

Painted eggs hung

on branches up high,

all colors, all designs
seen way up to the sky.

I Love Easter eggs,
to paint,
then to eat .

One day I'm going to make
an Easter egg tree,
in my back yard

on our street.

But for now,

I'll just see

how many Easter eggs

I can eat.

Debbie T. Alsup

Easter Sunday Church Poll