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Happy Birthday to my soulmate and friend - a poem

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Happy Birthday soul mate and friend

Life is so beautiful when you share it with someone special. Time seems to stay still but life seems to get better by the minute. Through all the joys and the trials of life we walk hand in, sharing all that life throws at us. Having someone to love, cherish, to depend upon and trust is something beyond compare. When that someone celebrates his/her Birthday it is indeed a lovely time to say thank you and express your love. I couldn't have dreamed of a better person than the one I have, my soul mate, my very best friend, my husband and the love of my life. He has been every thing that I ever wanted..

Su, I just took the liberty to publish this to wish you a Happy birthday .. I hope you like it :)

Happy birthday my soul mate and my friend

I don’t know if you really found me,
I think it was all destined to be,
For in my soul I was calling out to you,
My sweet love, faithful and true.

I am glad that you are my best friend,
I can talk to you for hours on end,
Just be myself and not pretend
And on you, completely depend.

Though you may not say very much,
I know your thoughts, your delicate touch,
Your smile and the twinkle in your eyes
And what they mean or imply!

Love and joy and all things fine,
Is the only way to define,
Our life together until now,
And so shall it be, I avow!

On this your birthday I wish you peace,
I wish you happiness that will never cease,
Your every hope and every dream,
May become more real than it seems :)

Happy Birthday once again!!

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