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Happy Birthday son - A mother’s letter to her son on his birthday

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A mother’s letter to her son on his birthday

What a joy it is to see your children grow up and be everything that you dreamed for them to be.. This is my tribute to my wonderful son and sweet child.. no matter how old your son or daughter will ever be they shall always remain your child. That is one relationship that never changes with age or time. The Bible says children are gift of God. Oh how true it is.. I am ever grateful for my gifts to God who is the giver of all good gifts. What a year this has been and year of blessing in every way ..

I want to sing that song of praise, the song of joy that gushes form my heart..It isn't every day that you can write a letter to your son ... who lives under your roof.. so here I go...

Happy birthday son

One more year has passed us by,
You are a young man now!
Old enough to get your driver’s licence,
Maybe even drive the distance,
And yet I know for one,
That you are still just old enough to be my son.
What a blessing you have been, my child,
I can thank the Lord for this gift of love,
Every moment every day,
And still feel that I haven’t done enough.
I am so blessed, to have you in my life,
You have made it rich and beautiful.
I love our squabbles and crazy fights,
Meaningless as the would seem.
I love to see you walk the road,
of fulfillment of dreams.
I love to cook for you and see you do justice.
Is there a better sight to see
Than watch you have your fill. (LOL :)
{Mama you can’t do that, I hear you scream,
but it is true, and let truth be told, quiet freely :)}

How I love to tease you and make you really mad,
I love to see you all worked up and throw up a fit.
I like to taunt you and see your anger rise,
When you come charging back at me,
Demanding that I pay the price.
Oh what fun we've had all these years,
More like friends we’ve been.
I wonder how I will take it all,
When you decide to leave.
I braze myself to see that day,
But let me now enjoy,
Each moment as we have it now,
And let you be my boy.
I dream of the day when I’ll see you take,
The oath that Hippocrates did make,
Across the other shore.
Then you will be 'doc' to me,
And to all others you see.
I can see you walking down the hall of fame,
You have it in you, its your middle name.
Biochemistry and pharmacology,
I do not understand, for I am only me.
Anatomy and Physiology
Aren’t my subjects thankfully.
But I am glad that you can my son,
Master those and more,
Perhaps even neuro- surgery!
My waking dreams and my sleeping ones,
Surround your life, till my days are done,
Although your beginnings was small,
Being born premature ,
Your future shall be truly great,
To see, I cannot wait!!

Happy Birthday son ....
Lots ands lots of love from Mama