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Happy 4th of July: The Soul of America Rejoices. Saturday's Inspiration 32, to my American Friends

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.


Inspirational words from Sri Chinmoy

"O Dignity-Majesty-Divinity-Reality-flooded Soul of American Liberty! These are the good, better, best qualities of the real America, the America which is to raise the consciousness of the world, and why I came here.

This is the America I envisioned in India. “Beautiful” — the real Beauty of the Absolute Supreme, universal Beauty of the Supreme, America the country embodies." -Sri Chinmoy

Original Founding Fathers


The Soul of America Rejoices

A twilight evening, a new dawn beckons;

Hope blossoms in the Heart of man.

The soul of America rejoices,

As freedom suddenly sings its melody.

The Tao of dauntless courage,

Heralds yet another promising sunrise.

Rejoice, O my soul! Victory to the hour of God.

The minstrels dance from heaven;

As sweet trumpets sound with gusto.

The joyful tears of the Heart fill the skies.

Into a river of copious Love,

The Spirit of the Founding Fathers,

Floats on the crest of silvery wings,

Kissing the Light of the moon, in peerless bliss.

-Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 3rd July, 2017


America in motion

Life, like Love, is spiritual evolution in progress ... self-transcendence. The Nameless One knows only how to project, to move ... to evolve.

In the process of evolution, it leaves the old behind and ceaselessly pushes forwards, upwards ... onwards, ever anew, to an ever-evolving Consciousness.

In that sense, America, as a young nation, has played a most significant role. Her pioneering Spirit, the zeal of her forefathers for equality, justice and the pursuit of happiness, has planted various dreams, which has indeed blossomed in many patriotic Hearts, as well as in the soul of America itself.

Life - as I said - is evolution in progress and as such society, nay the cosmos, is moving forward. Yet it sometimes grows in a spiral, because God Itself, has designed it this way. Do not fear.

Given the right conditions, the dry sand in the desert, will give us a most beautiful oasis. It may be very dark, but sooner or later, the illustrious moon will light up the sky!

So too, America, like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, will continue to fly, advance and progress, carrying with it, the victory of the Lord Supreme. Jai America ... Jai Lord!

"Victory in the War of Independence is the foundation stone of American nationality. The average American cannot conceive of the idea of defeat anywhere. It goes ill with his national pride." - Sri Chinmoy

"America is wealth. America is heart.
America is sacrifice.
Before long in America hopefully
There will shine forth the world's collective soul."
- Sri Chinmoy

- Manatita, The Lantern Carrier


New York, New York

She’s big, powerful, majestic … her pillars

Stretching across the city like neon lights.

Her body throbs vibrantly,

Pulsating kisses to distant lands.

Buzzing, buzzing … a rhythmic melody of sounds,

Emits from her numerous modes of actions.

Grandiose is the allure of her skyscrapers!

They say she never sleeps …

Her sonorous symphony, like Marley’s lyrics,

Echoing her eloquent notes in all directions;

Her parks and rivers bonded together,

By the stateliness of her bridges.

A sacred god, longing to be conquered,

A 'stature' of Liberty, still continuing to be explored.

Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 16th August, 2018

One of the finest tribute to New York by visionary Sri Chinmoy

Wisdom from the Seeress Mirabai and visionary Sri Chinmoy

"I planted the creeper of Love,

And silently watered it with my tears.

Now it has grown and overspread my dwelling." -Mirabai

"America is the land of hope, the land of promise. There will be countless Americans who will be able to bask in the sunshine of America’s divine reality. America means not only the West but entire globe..." - Sri Chinmoy

"America: the fairest child of freedom, the first to fight for the divine gift of freedom and win it for the New World. None has a keener perception of freedom's worth. America!" - Sri Chinmoy

Independence Day

Inspiring words of Sri Chinmoy

"The whole freedom-loving world salutes you. The holy flame that burned in your heart when you were smarting under the injustices of imperial domination is still alive in you. Your one single claim to Immortality is this flame."

"You live not for yourself alone. You live for freedom and for those who share your love for it. The years 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 bear shining witness to your heaven-kissing flame." - Sri Chinmoy

America is described by Sri Chinmoy as having a progressive Spirit, one striving towards perfection in everything and a divine blessing. She has participated magnanimously in many fields of international endeavours, for which the world has been more closely knitted together. (Paraphrased from Sri Chinmoy's writings.


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