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Kate is a Psych Major. A poet by nature. She has a passion for writing and recently, she was hired to be an article writer and contributor.


Today, I'm glad you stayed

Despite the distance,

Despite the longing,

Despite everything in between

I know for a fact that there's a seven itch

But guess what, it's our 1st

Quite a long journey

Surely we'll take hand in hand we'll create

For the last two years,

We became a steel that might be

Overused by the society,

Stained, Strained and Stressed

But God stress out that if in Him we trust

We will sustain

God is always processing all our in betweens

But despite that we will remain still

I love you as popular as no buts and ifs

And I will have much tolerance of the itch

Because we are a steel that remains still.

© 2019 Kate Ivy Solatorio

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