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Happiness Starts With The Family

A New Year Begins

With it dreams of love and happiness

As we get older

Our families grow bigger

Every day changes and we work hard to make life better

There are times that we look toward the future

Then there are moments we celebrate our past

The best times in my life have been when I mix the both of them together

Trying every way possible to make good things happen

Sometimes we reach an obstacle that we have a hard time trying to overcome

I have always known that determination, passion and thoughts of kindness

Keep me going

Sometimes we need help from other people

That may see our dream

So they can support us in our efforts

Helping us with their knowledge and experience

In the end we can both accomplish something really special

That can live on long after we are gone

Reminding other people

Know effort goes unnoticed

Sometimes hidden and left for the world to find

At a later date and time

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