Happiness Starts With The Family

Updated on January 1, 2020

A New Year Begins

With it dreams of love and happiness

As we get older

Our families grow bigger

Every day changes and we work hard to make life better

There are times that we look toward the future

Then there are moments we celebrate our past

The best times in my life have been when I mix the both of them together

Trying every way possible to make good things happen

Sometimes we reach an obstacle that we have a hard time trying to overcome

I have always known that determination, passion and thoughts of kindness

Keep me going

Sometimes we need help from other people

That may see our dream

So they can support us in our efforts

Helping us with their knowledge and experience

In the end we can both accomplish something really special

That can live on long after we are gone

Reminding other people

Know effort goes unnoticed

Sometimes hidden and left for the world to find

At a later date and time

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      • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

        DREAM ON 

        3 days ago

        Ann Carr I loved every word. To capture the moment. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I say over and over again the picture holder has the best spot he or she not only can see what the camera captured but can view the world in every possible way. Your father gave you a special gift. Even after the picture has faded. That memory will shine in the brightest light. He knew only too well. How amazing each moment was and always could be. He took his precious time to share with you a lifetime of love. My mother and I pulled out our camera snapped a shot in hopes to catch that dream. More often than not we got the sun in our eyes and the back of a bald guy fixing his hair. We tried and cried. If only we would have waited a little longer or taken the picture a little sooner. We were opportunists. We just picked the wrong opportunity. Thank you so much for sharing and caring. I would love to hear so much more. Have a great night. P.S. All life has to offer is only one click away. Enjoy, take that picture with great pleasure. Behold, I can see that amazing treasure. That can be shared indefinitely.

      • annart profile image

        Ann Carr 

        5 days ago from SW England

        Another advantage I have is that my father was a prolific photographer and I have his legacy in that way too, lots of photos to pass on to them as well as my own (I caught his enthusiasm and take thousands of photos too!).


      • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

        DREAM ON 

        5 days ago

        Ann Carr Life is so important and sharing with love and passion all the things you have done and learned is priceless. I wish I was one of your grandchildren so I could sit and listen to all the things you want to share. Most of my own family plus my aunts and uncles have passed. I was too young to understand and too slow to write down what they had to share until it was too late. I heard the stories but I thought they would be with me forever. They have faded and once and awhile a glimpse of the past comes back. The rest was fun while it lasted. Gone for good. A time before cell phones and the ease of cameras and videos. Thank you so much for coming by and giving a little more joy to the world.

      • annart profile image

        Ann Carr 

        6 days ago from SW England

        This gives me the sense of enjoying passing on things to my grandchildren, be it memories or knowledge or just musing about the future. A new year gives us fresh chances and fresh hope, as well as enjoying our memories of each year that's gone.



      • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

        DREAM ON 

        3 weeks ago

        Brenda Arledge You are not the only one. I keep thinking I will find a way. If I opened up maybe the same way I found today could of been accomplished years ago. With the help of other people and we both could move in the direction of peace and happiness. Without all the frustration and struggle. I also think we have to go through some of the problems to appreciate the solution. If it comes to easy we may not understand the significance. Thank you for reading so many of my hubs. Each time I am delighted to see you. Have a beautiful weekend.

      • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

        DREAM ON 

        3 weeks ago

        Demas W Jasper We don't always see because we are blinded at the moment. Maybe too much at once and overwhelmed or our mind my be thinking of other things that need our focus and attention. When we find the time we can figure out what happened and why and have a better understanding in the future. Thank you so much for coming by for a lovely visit. I always am pleased to see a friendly face. I hope you have a happy and wonderful New Year. May your dreams keep growing to blossom when we least expect them. Making every day a little more exciting.

      • Perspycacious profile image

        Demas W Jasper 

        3 weeks ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

        Caught this one: "Know effort goes unnoticed" I noticed this one. Good approach to living.

      • Brenda Arledge profile image


        3 weeks ago from Washington Court House

        Nice one.

        Let's hope our writing is found by others to read at a later date.

        It is good to reach out to let others help when you stumble upon an obstacle, but that's one thing I usually do not do.

        Hope this year brings you happiness.


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