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Happiness Inside and Out

Look And See What I See

We made it to another year

What a rough and very hard last year for so many

I am blessed

To be here and share

I usually talk about my day to day activities

The odd and the unusual events that happen

The funny and the outrageous

In the process, I try to include the two most important things in my life

My wife and our cat Charlotte

I do it through a vehicle that I find most interesting

Writing my heart out

Expressing my littlest whim to my biggest dream

I try to include my audience that reads my story/poems

The name I refer to my own imaginary word called stoems

We are already six days into the new year

I often wonder how we can make this year better than last year

How we as people can show a little more love and compassion for other people

Many people want to change and create a whole new me

I want to do the opposite

More and much more of the same thing

I try hard to be kind

To offer a helping hand

To anyone who needs it

Always trying to show my wife my never-ending love and support

To take care of our cat

Then to enjoy any free time

With my family and friends

I am not here to solve the worlds biggest problems

I love to create and dream

Sending blessings throughout the New Year and every day afterward

Through these creations maybe we can make wonderful changes

It may be only a small step in the right direction

Once again if people aren't ready for change

The change will never happen

I hope we all can continue with good health and prosperity

In ways that will spread throughout the world

So you will continue to see my writings

With my personal touch of the bold and beautiful

Thanking you for all your support and unselfishness

Making my world a very special place