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A registered physical therapist in the Philippines, Mona is endlessly in pursuit of her true passion-poetry and the arts.

there's no safer haven than

the home built upon your hands

both of which mine are eager to occupy

maybe until the world ends

even my hands,pale and cold

blush and burn at the sight of yours

in loving comfort do they enfold

these idle hands in need of hold

so keep me away from any harm

I'll survive any distress and storm

if you take my hands,you'll make them warm

with such a simple act,I feel safely home

© 2020 Mona Ferrero


Mona Ferrero (author) from Philippines on July 04, 2020:

that’s quite interesting to know. thank you so much!

OLUSEGUN from NIGERIA on July 04, 2020:

In Yoruba land where I hail from, your poetry is put in a proverb form that "one cannot be decieved by one's palms (atelewo eni ki tan ni je)" Nice one!

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