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Haikus of my Life


I decide to write a summary of my life in haiku form.

I start lifes journey.

What will the path be like?

The world beckons.

"Mummy don't leave me."

"School will be fun you'll see."

It's a scary place.

Starting big boys school.

I didn't see the bus wheel.

A hospital bed.

My abuser strikes.

Why did this happen to me?

What did I do wrong?

The years pass me by.

Make my own reality.

bury the memories.


Married to my love.

three wonderful children now.

Something still missing.

Life not always bad.

But happiness hard to find.

Darkness in my mind.

Drink becomes the norm.

Alcohol relieves the pain.

Why always sadness?

The nightmares begin.

The memories flooding back.

Have I lived a lie?


Am I going mad?

Avalanche of emotions.

Where do I start?

Addiction overtook.

Will have to face my demons.

Recovery starts.

Finding happiness.

Four wonderful grandkids.

Love back in my life.

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