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Haiku From the Heart


My attempt to write haiku from the heart. I wanted to tie human emotions with nature to create something profound. These poems are also inspired by the art of haiku itself. Some of my poems were crafted to highlight the beauty of nature. I like writing haiku. The art form gives me a sense of art and purpose. If you like my work please leave a comment in the section below.

Broken Silent

Broken silent soul

Drifting in a waterfall

Story of a girl


Darkness blinds a way

Fireflies light a dark road

Legends born but made

Flower Blooms

A sun flower blooms

My pen and paper templates

Crafting in the sun


Prison of despair

Garden tenaciously looms

Spirit of courage


How wonderful ducks

Assemble in Utah lake

Sun visits early

Day of Clarity

Time and chance are one

Nature hands tie together

Day of clarity


New red daffodils

In a black woman's garden

Human spirit blooms

He Falls

Spasmodic jerking

He falls in a heep of hay

Sun burning his face

Small Child

A November wind

Ants feasting on a bread crumb

As toddler watches

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