Haiku Poems on the Growing Relationship of Parents with Their Children

Updated on February 11, 2018
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Marisse is a Writer/Poet, also has experience in Online Marketing. Formerly an expatriate in UAE as an OFW, now a stay-at-home mom.


Even from the moment of conception, there is already a bond between the happy and excited expecting parents and the tiny life being formed in the mother's womb with all the preparation for the special day, that they very much anticipate, which is the birth of their little bundle of joy.

Speaking as a parent myself, thereafter childbirth comes more excitement for us, parents, on every stage of our children’s lives, as we shower them with love; give them care; and assist them with constant support and guidance, which makes our bond with them stronger. From the first words; to first teeth; to first steps; to the first day of school; and so on, we, parents, would rejoice and feel proud of our children on each achievement. However, at times it would feel like time is flying so fast, like our children are growing up too fast. Nevertheless, our bond won’t be broken even up to the time that our children will also be the ones to take care of us.

To depict that strong parent-children bond that continuously grows, here are Haiku Poems that I have written:


The Bond of Parent and Child

Tiny clingy arms

will soon let go as they grow,

but the bond remains.



Small and delicate,

but a bearer of great joy

to the parents’ world.



Once lay in my arms,

my angel now flies freely.

No longer tiny.



Teens—peak of one's life.

Of exploring, and growing—

parents supporting.



Now independent,

as a sign of gratitude,

gives back to parents.


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