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Haiku Poems for the Hour


Writing haiku has become a new endeavor. I recently started reading more haiku. It inspired my work below. I find the art form not to difficult to write. Imagery and nature is very important in haiku poetry. Good haiku usually has a imagery of physical life and the world of nature.

You can write your own collection of haiku poetry. I hope you find these poems interesting. Thanks for reading.


Tomorrow will come

Faster than yesterday storm

Katrina the rage


Red daisies lie still

Spring air blowing green tall trees

Whispering in May

The Clock

A clock ticks faster

Angry black bird chirping loud

Its voice volcanoes

A snail

Snails poke their heads out

Silent spring air blow softly

Across the earth grass

The City Street

Rainy city street

Unfulfilled dreams tossed aside

Young fellow cries hard


Vibrant town so great

Sparrows fly high above the earth

Leaving its grand mark

A Grasshopper

Small grasshopper leaps

Against rainy wet pavement

Its legs strong sea waves


Wind beating James cold

His body old cigarette

Blowing hot cold air

The People

The people marching

One cold January night

A riot brakes forth


Woman combing hair

Rough rain beating her window

rattling the cat

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