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Haiku Poems for the Soul


Haiku Poems are fun to write. They follow a basic 5-7-5 or fewer syllable and sentence structure of three lines. If you're new to poetry, you may want to start with this genre. Its pretty cool to write haiku poetry. The art form is a Japanese genre. I personally love reading haiku poems. It is my first try at the art form. Hopefully these poems will inspire you to create your own haiku poetry.

New day

New day arrives fast

Bringing forth pain bumblebees

Stinging like tattoos

A Pound

A pound whispers breathe

Frog leaps super fast down stream

Making a huge splash

Baby Boy

Nature's baby boy

Crying his hazel eyes out

To play again tag

Good Tidings

Good tidings has come

From a snowy land Ukraine

His luck is renewed

Wild Cherry Blossoms

Wild cherry blossoms

Delight my heart as I write

Tears fall from my cheek

Beautiful Day

A beautiful day

the sun shinning like stars

Lovely roses bloom

Fall Rain

What will I do now?

Fall rain bounce on my shoulders

My broken heart grows

Emmett Till

Mississippi calls

Black boy in damming river

Fragile spirit home

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