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Haiku Poem: Think, Think, Think

Think before making decisions because a better life could depend upon it.

Better Days Ahead


Haiku Poem: Think, Think, Think

Always think, think, think

Never do things on impulse

Better days ahead


If you act on impulse without thinking it through, you could regret it for the rest of your life. So here are a few things that cause harm due to acting on impulse too quickly.

Start smoking- I started smoking one evening in high school, and we all were having fun on the weekend. So many of us climbed up on the Caterpillar machine, just goofing off. One of my friends offered me a cigarette, and my first impulse told me not to, but my second impulse tugged at me to go ahead.

I smoked for many years, stopped, and quit several times. Now I have a few nodules on my lung that I have monitored yearly. My dad had lung cancer, but after having ¼ of his lung removed, he was alright for years; years later, the cancer spread into his colon and then all over. So, one cigarette could have caused a change reaction to other cancer growths.

Driving fast-Teenagers want to drive fast and show off to one another. Usually, teens will say no to the first impulse; however, when pressured, the second impulse could persuade them to drive too fast and maybe in up with a speeding ticket or, worse yet, a car accident.

Drinking-Many teenagers drink before the legal age. Most will think on the first impulse that they shouldn't drink; however, the temptation can persuade them to drink on the second impulse. Drinking too much can lead to alcoholism, car accidents, losing relationships, etc.

There are many things to consider when impulses come to mind; however, think before it is too late. These tips are not just for teens. They are for people of all ages who tend to leap into a situation before thinking everything through. The mind is powerful, so use it with much thought; your future depends on it.

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