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Haiku For a Season of Renewal and Remembrances by Manatita


Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

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I have written about the Haiku before and my esteemed friend Linda Crampton has done an even better article on this subject. While there would appear to be no hard and fast rule in the 21st century, I prefer the style of the traditional haiku.

It has seventeen syllables of 5, 7 and 5 each line and most importantly, it references nature --a season or seasonal change, animals, or words signaling that change, like 'snow' does for winter.

Some western poets and scholars write many with two or three lines, even four, without the Japanese form, while others write what the Japanese call Sonryu, as they are usually satirical or take a light dig at topical/current affairs or human foibles. I have chosen the traditional style.

Haiku should not read as an obvious continuation, like a poem does. I'm giving you the 'charming' ones first and '2020 Effects' below, so you can choose the eloquent - if you so desire - it being Sunday. Happy weekend!!


A Spring Renewal

Daffodils blossom

Enraptured by their glisten

My Heart rejoices

I prayed for Delight

I saw His sacred lustre

Love came with the dawn

The virgin morn smiles,

Renewal is its glimmer

The rose of spring blooms

Zephyrs kiss the bud

Its breath dances gleefully

My soul drinks beauty

Awake! O Lover!

The moon and stars are dancing

The nightingales sing


2020 Effects

Last spring was ashen

No roses came from Wuhan

Fragrant breaths faded


Carrying sadness

Many redolent breaths demise

She came last winter

New Normal

More of ‘hands, face; space

I descend in darkness-clouds

The latest normal


Favourite Seasons

© 2021 manatita44


manatita44 (author) from london on March 19, 2021:

How are you, Ji.is life good? Coping? let me know. Happy that you love Haiku. Much Gratitude

Venkatachari M from Hyderabad, India on March 19, 2021:

Wonderful portrayal, my Bro. You narrated the Spring season very beautifully. And, your description of the year 2020 is also very great.

I love the Haiku style of poetry. So I try to not miss them.

Blessings and stay safe.

manatita44 (author) from london on March 16, 2021:

Chuckle. I had to return to the Hub. I'd forgotten I did that. I tend to mention Hubbers I like if and when appropriate.

You've actually done a great job in looking at the Haiku separate. 'Beautiful' for the first set and 'powerful' for the second. I love that! Much Love.

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on March 15, 2021:

I'm usually not a big fan of Haiku, but I really liked these.

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on March 15, 2021:

The first poems are beautiful and the second set is powerful. Thank you for sharing the poems, Manatita. You article is lovely and the photos are beautiful. I appreciate your kind mention at the start of the article very much.

Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on March 15, 2021:

Am so glad you are now enjoying Spring. We are still in Winter but I keep hoping that Spring will be early this year.

manatita44 (author) from london on March 15, 2021:

Thanks Brenda. Appreciated!

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on March 15, 2021:

Just as lovely the second time around.

manatita44 (author) from london on March 15, 2021:

Thanks Nithya. Yes, I think I've seen a few of yours. Exquisite!

manatita44 (author) from london on March 15, 2021:

Hi Sha.

Thanks a lot! Let us look towards a brighter2021. Much Love.

Nithya Venkat from Dubai on March 15, 2021:

Beautifully expressed. I enjoyed reading these haiku, my favorite form.

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on March 15, 2021:

Beautiful haiku, Manatita. I love spring and the new life it symbolizes. And your assessment of 2020 was spot on.

manatita44 (author) from london on March 15, 2021:

Me too, Devika. So beautiful!!

Thank you so much!

manatita44 (author) from london on March 15, 2021:

Ann, Like it! Chuckle. Note the play on words too! You're the best!

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on March 15, 2021:

manatita44 You have written a beautiful Haiku. Let our souls shine and be happy at this time of life. A time of year that is blooming with lovely flowers. I like Spring time.

Ann Carr from SW England on March 15, 2021:

Yes, haiku is haiku - typo! And yes, light is definitely nature! Impossible to have one without the other! Just a light-hearted response!


manatita44 (author) from london on March 15, 2021:

Thank you Rosina.

Hope all is well with you and stay safe and blessed. Gratitude

Rosina S Khan on March 14, 2021:

I loved these Haikus about "Spring Renewal" and "2020 Effects". Great job. Excellent poetry, Manatita.

manatita44 (author) from london on March 14, 2021:

John, Aww, great! I almost forgot. I have been reading many spring poems lately!

You can join a group in Australia/New Zealand, even America, Singapore, Malaysia and the UK. You just need to download Zoom and you can have many performance poetic friends! Listen in the comfort of your own home.

I love spring, but to tell you the Truth, using nature images has always been natural to me. I have so many spring poems and yes, I love autumn too.

Thank you so much for a delightful contribution.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on March 14, 2021:

Delightful haiku, manatita. Spring seems to be such a popular season and subject for poetry, and I too have written many poems, haiku included, about Spring, even though I actually prefer Autumn lol.

You have requested I write a poem on Spring and I will do so soon. Thank you for sharing.

manatita44 (author) from london on March 14, 2021:

'Hope.' What a beautiful word!! Let us hope, my Dear Friend.

Love spring too. Did a few spring poems for poetry on Zoom today. God bless your noble Spirit.

Gratitude ... much!

Linda Lum from Washington State, USA on March 14, 2021:

Spring is my favorite month and you have painted her beautifully. I pray this outward renewal proves to be symbolic of a renewal of life and hope in a post-pandemic world.

manatita44 (author) from london on March 14, 2021:

Brenda, a sweet comment from you. Appreciated.

I'm a creative writer, author and poet. I can use many poetic styles. Sometimes I need to move away - albeit temporary - from the inner message and do something different. They still have my touch tough. Thank you so much!!

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on March 14, 2021:


I love the Spring Renewal..these are terrific!

You write very good Haiku.

Take care & have a blessed Sunday.

manatita44 (author) from london on March 14, 2021:

Indeed, Peggy, indeed!

Your thoughts and mines, Bill and many more. May Peace and Beauty reign supreme! Gratitude ... much!!

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on March 14, 2021:

I loved the lightness portrayed in your spring renewal piece. Let us hope we rise like the phoenix from the darkness of 2020 with renewed energy and more love of humanity.

manatita44 (author) from london on March 14, 2021:

Thank you, my Didi ji.

Happiness ... happiness ... happiness. It is a joy to be alive! Much Love and Gratitude.

Misbah Sheikh from The World of Poets on March 14, 2021:

What a beautiful share, Manatita

I enjoyed the read

Each and every word is like a blossoming flower

Wonderful share

The video is also very beautiful

Have a blessed Sunday


manatita44 (author) from london on March 14, 2021:

Ann, a most beautiful contribution! You honour me, the great writer you are! I saw a photo in Chitrangada's recent work. It is about a path and I thought you would do wonders with it.

Your haiku is spot on in syllables and beauty! Traditionally, it lacks the season or reference, although the words 'light', or 'shine', can also imply summer. Light is so many things! Finally, the Japanese word Haiku remains 'singular', or perhaps we can say both. Haiku remains Haiku.

These are tiny things hardly worth mentioning, but perhaps you may know or wish to know the traditional form -- if you don't. Merci Beacoup!

Ann Carr from SW England on March 14, 2021:

Spring is my favourite, though Autumn colours are wonderful.

Great haikus!

Poetry lives high,

Always the bringer of light -

Boosts the soul to shine

Your first haiku for 2020 Effects is powerful.


manatita44 (author) from london on March 14, 2021:

Pamela, you're so good to me. Thank you ... thank you! I love daffodils also. It's a people's favourite, like the rose.

Thank you, Bill,

We rise indeed, like Maya Angelou, Amanda Gorman and more! We rise in all directions. Gratitude!

My Bhaiaya Acharya Ji,

A most exquisite compliment from you! Maybe I was Keats or Tennyson and maybe I'll get the Nobel Peace prize one day. Meanwhile, I continue to serve, to awaken, enlighten ... to reach the Heart. Hari Om Tat Sat!! Dhanyvaad!

Hegel from 26.3452° N, 89.4482° E on March 14, 2021:

This is the equivalent of a mix of John Keats, Alfred Tennyson and Rabindranath Tagore.

Lovely poetry. A very sweet way to embrace and celebrate the new season and the new (post~Covid) era.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on March 14, 2021:

We rise like the Phoenix of lore, from the ashes of 2020, hopefully stronger and more capable of loving.

Lovely work, my friend, my brother. Peace be with you!

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on March 14, 2021:

The Haiku is absolutely beautiful to read, and I love the flowers. Daffodils are one of my favorite spring flowers, but unfortunately they do not grow here.

The way you describe the flowers, along with the pictures makes this article very enjoyable.

Much love, Manatita.

manatita44 (author) from london on March 14, 2021:

Thanks Dee.

Good morning, my Sweet. Great to start my day by seeing you. About 0941 over there? Much Love and gratitude

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on March 14, 2021:

"A Spring Renewal" is rich with images from Nature and in poetic form and style. A great Haiku model.

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