Haiku Diary 04-21-17: In the darkest hour, the Lawgiver appears

Updated on January 15, 2018
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Haiku honchos declared most haikus lack literary value. A Lawgiver is needed to uphold the honor of Poetry and Poets. Jose steps forward.

The darkest hour

The night is darkest
when it is nearing the dawn
of a bright new day.

Craziness craze

Mass insanity
is something I can't prevent.
I must wait it out.

Slow but fast

A slow moving pace
and a lightning speed at times.
That's the way to go.

A new chapter

Within a few days,
I'll begin a new career.
Time to readjust.


It's okay to pause.
But never quit nor turn back.
Press on! Move forward!

Different achievements

They're more successful.
I'm lone sonnet grandmaster.
It seems fair enough.


Be calm and happy.
No outer circumstances
should disturb your joy.

Self mastery

To master one's self
is to find a great treasure
more precious than gold.

The triku

It's 5-7-5.
Express your thoughts and feelings
the Japanese way!

Haiku box

Facebook's colored post.
Quite suitable for haiku.
I'm enjoying this!

Heightened appetite

To eat when hungry
makes even the simplest meal
more enjoyable.

Branded, generic

Regarding haiku,
it's both a generic term
and a poem type.

(This is a view under the Two Haiku Theory which has been superseded by the Three Haiku Theory.)

Haiku expansion

5-7-5 types,
be senryu or zappai,
are also haiku.

(Although crafted under the Two Haiku Theory, this statement remains true even under the more advanced Three Haiku Theory although for a different reason.)

A generic term

By common usage,
the word "haiku" has become
a generic term.

(This is a view under the Two Haiku Theory. But under the Three Haiku Theory, the term "haiku" is a generic term from the very beginning.)

Haiku Lawgiver

I'm a Lawgiver
both in sonneteering art
and English haiku.

(This verse was crafted by intuition. But in my outer mind, I had no idea at that time how I could perform the role of Lawgiver in English haiku.)

Different haikus

The English haiku
is derived but different
from the Japanese

A bridge too far

Difference between
Japan's and England's haikus
is unbridgeable.

Let's get it on!

Lost in translation.
"On" doesn't mean "syllable".
Ask the Japanese.

Information surplus

More words in English
in seventeen syllables
than in Japanese.

April 21, 2017 / Olongapo

(The verses presented in this hub have been given the code numbers B8-B26.)

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      • Lord of Poetry profile imageAUTHOR

        Jose Rizal Reyes 

        18 months ago from Tabing Dagat, Odiongan, Romblon, Philippines

        July 18, 2017 is the earliest known updating. But earlier on July 15, the HubPages Team told me that this hub had been moved to this more blessed place.


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