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Hack That Thing Named ‘Depression’


Everything is black, cannot see light anywhere.

Don't know what is this feeling. Being in the crowd of lovely people, I feel as if I am lonely.

Everything is black all around.

Don't know where is the way. Being in the safest road, I feel like I am so unsafe.

Don't know why is this fear. Being do much loved also I feel no one loves me no one has cared for me.

Don't know what is this feeling called.

There are a lot of people to drag me out of this in their own best way. Don't know why I don't have believe on them.

I feel I am strong I am powerful..

But today I why I am broken and still unable to cope with the lame issues.

All black Deep black...

Finding colors! finding peaceful music !peaceful world!

Don't know where to buy, or from where I can get them. I want to get back to my lovely world of love, care, enjoyment, lots of laugh without any reasons.

(Note: This is the thought comes in the mind when that person is in depression. Please help them out. This is the very painful situation they are facing which can easily allow them to leave this beautiful world. Please make them cheerrful again as they were before. Otherwise they themselves have no idea what they can do to ruin their life.)

Depression - A very bad disease which cannot be cured by any medicines or treatment.