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Dusting the worries of my wife

Fulfilling my promises to her, no lies

Being that pillow she needs for comfort

Prayers for good health from God, I sought

Keeping smiles afloat her face

Pampering her skin by massage all days

Being the comedian that keeps her with laughter

A blanket that shames off the cold weather

That tries to sick her with dreariness.

I will keep her rims moist from dryness

Being that hankie to wipe her tears in case she cries

Being that horse she rides to exercise

Which makes her laugh-cry.

All these I know aren’t just a duty to ply

But what I ought to do

To keep my home filled with love, I should

To tell my wife she is in the right hands

And has nothing to worry of.

These we do as a house-band

So, go ahead, scold and criticise me

I care less, my ba’e, my life, our way

But if you happened to envy, you may

Freely and happily consult without delay

The tips of how to love Husbandly

Complementing Each Other


© 2021 Isaac Teye Coffie