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I just can't seem to forget how it felt. Getting swept off my feet, feeling as if my brain wasn't charging anymore.. That genuine hug of " am gonna miss you "
. when there was nothing to talk about at 2300 hrs but somehow we we're still up at midnight still texting... .
I miss those days. I miss that feeling really.
When my heart literally skipped beats and that didn't even bother me at all. When I didn't want to wash a hoodie because I could still smell perfume on it..
When going a few days without seeing you was the real pain .
Those days are gone though, you are gone too.. Am not that guy no more,.. Am not sure I'll ever be that guy anyway...
. .
I just rewind the clock in my head, just to see how good it felt.. How happy I was..... And how good moments pass by quickly.
Still very fresh, I could write a whole novel.
I still remember how it felt.

© 2021 Amani Utembu

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