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I don't think there's anybody whose been in my head longer than you have. if being in my head needed a definition you'd probably be it.
There's never been anyone I try so hard not to talk to because of being afraid of saying the wrong words and messing things up.
am pretty damn sure amma still be following up on you, even in the next life.
I don't think have seen a prettier smile,
I don't think have met anyone more elegant, beautiful...

there's no person am more scared of losing...
I don't share favorites, but you know mine, all of them actually.
I wish that eternity is just you and me and that sunset you keep imagining with your eyes closed.
I love you in ways that love can't even start to express or explain.
if my happiness was a place, you'd be it.
and if am truly, like from the deepest part of my heart, say I love you without holding nothing back, I'd say it to you..
honestly ..

I wish I could just hug you forever...
I wish we could just hold hands forever, like little kids, and never let go.

© 2021 Amani Utembu

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