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Holy Is Water

Do You Ever Take A Walk Into Hard Times, And Feel Your Deep In Quick Sand? Christ Is With You. "The Trinity Walk" It Is A Blessed Walk.~



Have You Ever

Played In The Rain?

Have You Ever

Danced In The Rain?

Within The Rain

Is An Immense


Beauty Of God

Creation That


The Misty Raindrops,

As It Tenderly Kisses

Your Face.

The Windy Breeze

That Seems To

Gently Wrap


Your Body.

The Melody Of

The Raindrops

As It Hits Against

Tree Branches


A Rhythmic Melody

As The Drum Beat

If Rain Drops Hit

The Ground

And The Grass

On A Fresh

Spring Day

In A Field

Of Wild Flowers

Along A Beautiful

Rolling Hill Side

Nature In A Spring

Storm Seems To

Acknowledge Your


That They Will

Perform Just For You.

You Can Feel Nature

Symphonic Melody

Then You Smell

A Mystical

Fragrance From

The Flowery Field.

It Fills The Air

With A Sweet

Pure Aroma.

Then You Notice

Tree Branches Swaying

To The Melody In

Harmony With The

Sound Of Raindrops.

You Look Up To See

Clouds Hovering Low

As They Have

Come To Join In The

Dance Of A Spring

Day Rain Shower.

And A Mist Of Holy

White Fog Seems To Join

In On God's Symphony

Of The Spring Day

Shower Celebration.

Next Thing You Feel

Part Of The Celebration.

You Take You Hair Out

Of The Pony Tail

And You Hair Blows Wild.

Free And Wholesome You

Feel So Exhilarated And

Alive In The Moment

Of Now.

That You Pull Your

Head Back Letting

And Yearning For

Every Raindrop To

Kiss Your Face.

Next Thing Your Dress

Is Drenched In Rain.

You Take Dance Steps

And You Started Feeling

The Wind Lift You Up.

As Your Movement

Across The Wet

Flowery Field Is

So Elegant That

You Feel Light

As A Feather,

In Every Dance

Step You Make.

You Feel So

Elated And In Joy.

That You Dance In

The Spring Shower,

And Now You Feel

You Joined As One

Feeling Nature Euphoria.

You Feel Nature

Dance With You As

A Dancing Partner

With Each Raindrop.

You Even Have

An Audience

As You See

The Birds Watching

Your Every Move.

You Notice Squirrels

Are Sitting On Tree

Branches Watching

Your Every Move.

The Beauty Of

God's Creation

Is Surrounding

Us In Nature.

And Waiting For Us

To Acknowledge Them.

And Then They Will

Join You In Play.

It's Never To Late

To Dance In Rain.

And The Beauty

And The Movements

Or Bodies Can Make

As We Dance Is The

Blessing's Of God's

Intricate Design Of

Our Bodies.

Dancing In The Rain

Opened An Amazing

Beauty Of All That

Surrounds Us.

God's Mystical Beauty ~ ~ ~



Water Is A Mystical Drop Of Love

And A Mystifying Holy Trinity

That Manifest The Source Of Existence

That Manifest The Source Of Holy Baptism

That Manifest The Source Of Holy Communion

That Manifest The Source Of Holy Union

That Manifest The Source Of Our Holy Healing

That Manifest The Source Of Our Holy Nourishment

That Manifest The Source Of Our Holy Energy

That Manifest The Make Up Of Our Souls

That Manifest The Make Up Of Our Minds

That Manifest The Make Up Of Our Body's

That Manifest The Make Up Of Our Hearts

That Manifest The Make Up Of Our Emotions

Communication With Each Other

Communication With Holy Nature

Communication With Holy Christ

Communication With Holy Angels

Communication With Holy GOD

Holy Sacred Divine Drops Of Water

Our Life Could NOT Exist With Out Precious Water

And The Breath Of God That We Breathe In And Out

The Miracle Of Water When Christ Walked On Water

The Amazing Magical Holy Power Of Sacred Water

~Is A Source Of Holy Communication Between God

And All He Created~


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