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His Great Love


We may not have a perfect live,

But I know everything will be alright!

The days will come to pass,

So shall our mourning will come to last.

No one's life is easy,

So we always tend to be wary.

But I know someone out there looks after you,

Helping in many ways you just don't know who!

We may not understand sometimes,

Things get hard to fathom at times.

But you don't have to understand everything,

Because someone out there can help you with anything.

You can definitely talk to Him,

Just tell Him anything and He'll listen.

Close your eyes and put your hands together,

He is always ready to hear your prayer.

Whatever struggles you're currently in,

Remember you can always count on Him.

And while you're waiting,

He is working in renewing your strength.

Just wait patiently...

Because He has plans for your already.

Don't worry about everything,

He has prepared a timetable for your life's happenings.

Sometimes He gives us the things we want,

To let us realize what we need is not what we want!

Just put all your trust in Him,

Because He loves you more than anything.

As you are more precious than anything on earth,

And He knows you very well since birth.

That's why He sacrificed His only Son,

To show His great love to everyone.

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