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.... I was thinking we'd have dinner outside, with just the moonlight, no candles.
In the open, next to the pond, so we can get to hear the bullfrogs and the crickets ...
Like a late night picnic ( like 9:00 pm late) ..
.... And I'll pour you that fine red wine you never seem to get enough of. And we'll wait till we see a shooting star together ( hopefully before you get too tipsy).
.. And I'll wish that you'll be mine forever, even after what ever comes after this life..
.. Hey.
.. Have I ever told you that your smile paralyzes me especially when you add that little wink ?
And that your hugs are the safest place i know of?
Or that you make my days brighter?.
. And your eyes drive me crazy?.
... I think they way you hold on to my chest while listening to my heartbeat is really sweet...
... Hearing your voice feels soo good that I can't explain, how much I long for it at times.
. have I told you that you are simply amazing.
.... ..
Have I told you of how lucky I feel just knowing I have you with me..
... Hey, do you know I start missing you straight of when you say goodbye.?
... Hey, I still fantasize about you, even when you are present...
.. And hey, every time I close my eyes the thought of you keeps most of me alive....
Hey, I love you.

© 2020 Amani Utembu

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