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Her Side of the Story

Old soul and young heart. It's like a 60 year old granny living inside the body of a 17 year old.

We all fall in love for at least once in our lifetime. For some it's a blessing while for some it becomes a lesson.

Some feel like they're on top of the world while some might drown with rocks tied to their feet. Why?

'Cause it's not that easy to hide your feelings when all they are getting is even stronger.

So here's the story of a girl, who fell in love with a guy but sadly the odds were against them so she had to hide it and keep hurting him, in the form of a poem.

We call it Narrative poetry.

Based on my imaginations.


He came in like a little rain
After a while, it was like a storm
And when she started feeling his pain

He went, as he got tired of her form

It was real for sure
He waited for a whole damn year
Never got a sign from her, still so pure

But he never knew, she had a fear

He started losing his mind
But she couldn't even blame him
He was already an aggressive kind

Probably couldn't stand the light so dim

He said she's too much
"And now he forgot who she is"
But still he looks at her like she's nonesuch

With same freakin look of his

She used to spend hours and hours
Blaming herself for letting him go
But it wasn't her fault, it was their's

He never tried and decided to just go

It was over even before it began
And that's what makes it more complicated
He was driving her insane

She started to feel like she's intoxicated

There was a dilemma in her head
To chase him or forget him
She couldn't come out of her bed

And he always looked so grim

She started to think he hates her
Because she was getting avoided
But in his mind, he was respecting her

He thought he's probably not voided

She couldn't stop her habit of daydreaming
She knew she'll end up being hurt
He couldn't hear, she was silently screaming

He wasn't aware, she was slowly getting inert

After months of secretly crying
She finally made herself believe
All of this doesn't worth any trying

And she's not gonna be the one to grieve

She made her dreams her first priority
There was no one left who could engross
She started feeling proud of her inferiority

And stopped saying it was her loss

She started living her life
He was finally at the back of her mind
But he came out of nowhere, just for a strife ?

She couldn't go back to whom she left behind

After two years of staying away
He finally confessed his love by a text
She tried to explain but he took it otherway

She tried but failed to understand the context

She didn't know how it happened
How she got him so offended ?
Again he left her abandoned

And again he failed to see, she just pretended

It all started with him
Because she was so busy dreaming
He started to like her every whim

But she couldn't see the love gleaming

They were fire and water
He thought she was innocent
But forgot she's also a daughter

He probably wasn't aware of the imminent

He went like he never loved her
But again she couldn't believe it
His memories were finally getting blur

As she never liked the idea to quit

Now she's again that fascinating dreamer
Who has courage to turn it in reality
Now she's again that captivating schemer

And just loves the company of her books and a cup of tea

She realized its just her nature
To love everyone unconditionally
Seeing good in everyone, is one of her best feature

Now, she won't let anyone affect her personally

She's stronger than ever
She survived a hurricane alone
She'll not tame the wolf inside her
Now it's time to become what she have always known


The more you hide it

The more stronger it gets

— Anonymous

So that was it. Hope you liked it and here I'd like to share something which is very personal to me.

You'll understand if you're broken and helpless.

And especially if you're a girl, I know how it feels.

So first thing is, you'll be alright. NO MATTER what it is, nothing has more control and power than you.

And whatever happens, happens for a reason. Don't let it convince you otherwise. Don't fall in the trap of the demons living inside your head.

You can beat them.

It may not be your time, but when it WILL be your time you'll break free.

© 2018 Diksha Shakya

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